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Gun Mayhem

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Gun Mayhem 3

About Gun Mayhem 3 Introduction
Gaming is an excellent way to boost a person’s creativity. The gun mayhem 3 is an improved version of other gun mayhem game such as gun mayhem 1 and 2. It is an enjoyable game to play due to its high definition graphics and designs.

Game Description Gun mayhem three is designed in such a way that it has:

• Eighteen characters

• Twenty-nine weapons

• Fifteen levels

• Three modes of play

Modes of Play 1. Survival Mode: In this mode of play one is supposed to shoot and kill as many enemies as possible so as to graduate to the next level 2. Campaign Mode: In the campaign mode, a player is supposed to shoot and kill as many boss enemies in each fight. This enables a player to unlock more characters with which one can play as. One is also able to unlock more weapons with which one can play with and also unlock more levels. 3. Death match Mode: In this particular mode one has the freedom to customize the game to one's preference. One can adjust the game settings and rules so as to play the game with their rules. One can also create teams to play with.

How to Play Gun Mayhem 3 can be played by a single player of by two players. The major quest is to shoot or bomb the opponents so as to graduate to the next successive level. A player only has five lives and as such one must be very vigilant to kill the enemies before one is killed.

To move, one uses the left and the right arrows. To jump, a player should use the "UP" arrow. The "down" key is used to block attacks. To attack first and shoot one should press "Z". To throw a bomb or dynamite, a player should press "X".

Conclusion The gun mayhem 3 is very engaging two player game. The third version of gun mayhem 3 has improved graphics and lots of action. Overall, the game is an effective tool of relaxation and entertainment.