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Gun Mayhem

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Gun Mayhem 4

A gaming fun?Try playing Gun Mayhem 4 if you haven't yet and thank me later.The game can be played online for free from the game's website.I love the fact this enables you to continue playing from the point you last stopped playing.

I must admit that playing Gun Mayhem 4 is not as easy as it may seem though the first levels are quite simple to play.As you rise through the levels,it becomes more difficult to play,especially level eight.You can play in the single-player mode with AI or play in multi-player mode that supports a maximum of 4 players.This makes it very interesting because you can actually play with your friends.

It is easy to choose the weapon to use to shoot at the other players. All you have to do is click on the screen and get the options of firearms to choose.I love that I can choose any firearm from the over 60 firearms options available.Try to dodge at the opponents' shots as much as possible as this will kill you.

It won't take long before being taken to the next level.Kill all the players to go to the next level,which is more difficult.You can actually view the tutorial for playing Gun Mayhem 4 if you find difficulty in playing it.Click on letter A and Z to fire gunshots at your opponents.You will shoot at the players if you are in the same row.Controlling your movements is not difficult;just use the arrows to move up and down,left and right.

This game can be played in 4 modes which include: "Last Man Standing","Gun Game",,"Ducks Defence" and the "One Hit One Kill" modes.I personally enjoy playing the game in the "one hit one kill" mode than the rest of the modes because this makes it more complex,harder and more involving.